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Non-GMO Project Verified Bee Pollen, 454g Certified Raw Bee Pollen, 454g

Wildcrafted Spanish Bee Pollen
Pollen are tiny, dust-sized granules found on the stamen of all flower blossoms. As honey bees travel from flower to flower looking for nectar, the pollen collects into little clumps on their legs, and is deposited into a collection vessel. As a low volume and high intensity superfood, bee pollen is an excellent source of vitamin A and also has B vitamins, magnesium, iron and zinc – not to mention being a complete protein source!

The Sunfood Difference™
Our wildcrafted bee pollen is harvested in the Spanish countryside by beekeepers that treat their bees and plants with the highest respect and regard. Pure and unadulterated, our bee pollen is dried using a unique low temperature process, which maintains the live enzymatic activity and keeps vitamins and minerals intact.

Brand Sunfood
Benefits Bee Pollen has:

Vitamin A which may contribute to healthy immunity, vision, bone health and cell integrity

Vitamin B1 which may contribute to mental function and metabolism

Vitamin B2 & B3 which may help regulate metabolism and support normal cell growth

Vitamin C which may function as an antioxidant as well as contribute to healthy immunity and bone health

Magnesium which may contribute to normal bone health and immunity

Suggested Use Start by adding a few granules to 1 tsp. in a smoothie, yogurt, or on top of salads daily. To avoid allergic reactions, gradually work up to the recommended serving of 1 Tbsp. per day.
Ingredients Ingredients: Wildcrafted raw Spanish bee pollen

Caution / Allergen Statement:

For those with allergies to pollen or bees, we recommend consulting your health care professional before consuming bee pollen.

Packaged in a gluten-free facility. May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.

May contain a moisture absorbing desiccant pack. Do not eat.

Specifications Non-GMO Project Verified, Raw, Earth Kosher, Wild-crafted
Storage Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration is optional.


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